iText licences

iText is an Open-Source library for creating and manipulating PDF files in Java, and a sibling for C++
ScriptMaster is a plug-in from 360 Works which brings the Groovy language to FileMaker scripting.
Put the two together and you have a powerful way of creating and manipulating the most ubiquitous document format in our world: PDF.

While not everyone likes writing their own code, it has many advantages, from speed and control, through doing things that are otherwise not possible, to the satisfaction of making your own decisions and solving problems

These technologies are open-source, or free, or some combination of both. iText 5, released at the end of 2009, is under the Affero General Public License v3 (AGPL) so that the legal opportunities for using it within FileMaker have been a little unclear. Now there is a way to be released from the requirements of the copyleft AGPL license, in a special deal for FileMaker developers and users:

A simple-to-understand pricing model for each customer, based on how many people can create PDF files with your code

This is available to you where FileMaker is the client or server technology, and for the first step, the ‘shop’ where you can purchase licences isn’t a website but a hosted FileMaker file!
There is also a special price for developers to allow you to test and develop code for your customers. Each licence is issued to a named company or organisation, but can be used for as many applications as you create for them. Pricing is simply based on the number of users who can create PDF files.
A large company where only the purchase department is using the features will only need to pay for just that number of users. A small business will only pay a small amount for all this power and flexibility. As you might expect there is a sliding scale of costs offering discount for a larger set of users.

The REALLY great news is that there is a a range of licences for use with FileMaker Server 13 and above

Two types of licence are available for Desktop users or Server – bringing this powerful technology to FileMaker Go on the full range of iOs devices, and also WebDirect, the latest innovation in the FileMaker platform. By now you should be getting an idea of just how much this could revolutionise your solutions.

Anything involving humans is never free. Software costs money to both create and improve.

Just to clear something up. Open Source isn’t the same as free: Open Source just means that the code can be modified because its design is publicly accessible. That is a big plus for developers as the library is under constant development, paid for by all our licences.

You will be able to pay in EUR, GBP or USD, and in the European Union purchases will be subject to UK VAT of 20% unless you provide a valid VAT registration number.

OK. Enough talking. Explore the site further or open FileMaker and click to START SHOPPING

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