What is on offer?


Every licence is specific to the name of the company, organisation or individual who will be using it, as this then appears in the Producer line of the PDF metadata.
TWO types of licence are available.

  1. Desktop – FileMaker Pro and Advanced: any version that supports ScriptMaster
  2. Server – FileMaker Server 13 and above

Each licence is based on how many people can run the scripts that create or manipulate PDF files, either as separate desktop clients or with access to the server. The server licence is required if any scripts use PSOS, otherwise the rule is simple: if a user can create a PDF file they need to be counted in the licence.
As a licensed user you also get access to a closed source project which flattens XFA forms. <<More of this somewhere else on the site.>>
If you are on Windows there is a tool called RUPS which allows you to ‘look’ inside a PDF file in great detail.

Developer pricing

There is an additional licence type for Developer use. This allows you to fully test the code you are writing for someone else, and this is at roughly a 50% discount on the regular price.


Basic support will be offered through the FM Forums site, and on our Help page, so that answers can be visible and helpful to all. For advanced users, paid support is available, through us, direct to iText, for a yearly fee of 20% of your licence cost. This gives access to troubleshooting and feature enhancements that are not available to other users.
Wherever possible, please post a sample of any code you are having a problem with (simplified if necessary), including examples of PDF files which demonstrate the issue. It is of little value to expect any of us to guess the solution to your problem, and don’t get offended if this is pointed out to you.

Bespoke programming

We are available to write specific functions for your more complex projects. Send a request to info@fmtopdf.com

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